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I try to cover a pretty wide range on this blog, and my categories are a bit silly/unhelpful (in case you hadn’t noticed). I’ve also been at it for a surprisingly long time now (almost as long as I’ve been diagnosed!), so even I’m starting to lose track of where everything is.

What follows is an attempt to put it all into some kind of meaningful order. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, scroll all the way to the bottom, where you’ll find a helpful search bar.

Events | Fun & games | Game of ThronesGluten-Free Astrology | Gluten-free community | Guest posts by my sisterHarry PotterIllness, doctors, and medicineMy personal sprue storyNews, views, and current events | PicturesPoems | Recipes & food Reviews (of books, restaurants, products) | Science & research & stuffSprue stories | SymptomsTell me a sprue story about…

Sprue stories

News, views, and current events

My personal sprue story

Guest posts by my sister

Science & research & stuff

Tell me a sprue story about…

Gluten-Free Astrology

Fun & games



Illness, doctors, and medicine


Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

Recipes & food

Reviews (of books, restaurants, products)


Gluten-free community

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  1. […] written seriously about books, food, hunger, my own life, love, and doctors. I’ve gotten silly about messiness, sandwiches, brainfog, and the […]

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