As it turns out, celiac disease was invented by the sponge companies.


Of course, the dishwasher manufacturers aren’t making out too badly, either.

Which do you use? Dishwasher, or elbow grease and a prayer? Do you, too, get twitchy if you so much as drop your gluten-free sponge into the gluten-full sink?

Am I overdoing it? Or underdoing it?—should I simply use only my own dishes for everything, regardless of material

What incidental, non-food costs have shot up for you on a restricted diet?

By the way—in case you were wondering, the image quality isn’t bad; your eyes are. My math also isn’t bad. I hope.

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4 thoughts on “As it turns out, celiac disease was invented by the sponge companies.

  1. Oh my, never would have thought about that! Crazy!

  2. Mary Kate says:

    Ever considered cotton dishrags instead? I don’t know the science on how likely gluten particles are to survive the hot wash and hot dry cycle, but if the chances are low, give it a try. My costs are really low for dishrags as I can get about 3 of them out of a $2 skein of cotton yarn and they last about 5 years each. If you don’t knit or crochet, you likely know someone who does, and dishrags are easy (to make or to learn to make, if you need a new hobby).

    That said, I actually have it easy. I live by myself, so my house is free of everything I’m allergic to, period.

    • Molly says:

      This is a good suggestion. I actually used to use dish cloths only (and it’s what I grew up using) but made the switch to sponges at some point along the way, I think in college when it was my roommates’ preference and I discovered the magic that is the scrubby brillo-pad side. BUT this is a good argument for returning to my rooms. That’d be much greener and yes, I do think that the washing machine should do the trick (since a dishwasher does, right?).

  3. […] My sponge usage went through the roof when I went gluten-free, as I’ve written before. Besides that, there’s paper towels for cleaning, parchment paper for baking, and ziploc bags for everything. I also use a lot more soap, which may or may not be harmful to the environment. […]

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