On time management

To-do lists are great. In fact, 96 percent of people who keep them say their lives are better with to-do lists. (Go figure.) I think I’m part of that 96 percent, but I’m certainly among the 50 percent who write down tasks they’ve already done just to be able to cross them off. I can’t help it; it’s thrilling.

Herewith, then, my most recent list.

Today I:

checked2Looked up my latest symptoms on WebMD

checked2Learned more than I remotely wanted to know about “pulsatile tinnitus

checked2Cross-examined self for evidence of hypochondria

checked2Decided symptoms actually exist

checked2Complained about symptoms

checked2Blogged about symptoms

checked2Tweeted about symptoms

checked2Googled autoimmune diseases associated with celiac diseases

checked2Remembered a few other symptoms and Googled those, too

checked2Tried to determine whether my hair is thinning

checked2Decided it’s too soon to tell

checked2Worried anyway

checked2Searched insurance database for PCP in my new neighborhood

checked2Got discouraged with system and switched to Google

checked2Bemoaned lack of reliable Yelplike system for finding new doctors

checked2Got discouraged again and gave up for the day

Tomorrow I’ll:

unchecked box

Actually do something about it.

Despite appearances, this post was not sponsored by Google. Do you spend more hours Googling things than solving them? If not, how do you manage your time (and self-care)? Do you keep a to-do list? Check anything good off lately?

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11 thoughts on “On time management

  1. Anita says:

    This was such a GREAT post! I a self-confirmed “Google-a-holic” and although most times it does help me in seeking my answers, other times it baffles and scares me! And , because I am a perfectionist, I tend to seek tons of information without the anxiety of actually having to commit to the solving of the problem. Thus, the fine line between being proactive about seeking answers and coming to a conclusion or wasting time!

    • Molly says:

      Thanks, Anita! I do the same thing with shopping, too. I read all the reviews trying to find the exact best product, get overwhelmed by the conflicting information, and wind up not buying anything at all. Then I get online later having forgotten everything I learned and just buy the first thing that pops up on Amazon. AUGH! Having more info available in the digital age is awesome, but it does seem to bring out the worst indecision in some of us.

  2. Laurie C says:

    Last night I was going to go to bed early, but decided to just check one thing on Google, and then didn’t end up going to bed any earlier than usual. This makes no sense, especially when I know that getting more sleep would probably solve most of my physical/mental health issues!

  3. I don’t have a list that I keep track of. Instead, I the moment my head hits the pillow at night, I make up lists for lists that never get accomplished and keep me awake!

    • Molly says:

      Looks like you and my mom both need a new one-item to-do list: GET SOME SLEEP. Actually, I’ll join you in the pursuit of checking that one off. I stayed awake last night fretting about my newly leaking dishwasher…yet another “to-do” to (not) attend to!

      • Seriously! I’m not sure how to stop the brain – I will lay there and list, list, list whatever it is that isn’t done but I was just so.tired.I.could.hardly.keep.my.eyes.open. two minutes before climbing into bed…!

  4. Ethan says:

    reliable Yelplike system for finding new doctors


    it’s awesome, and it’s basically a yelp clone

    • Molly says:

      I do use and like Zocdoc but have not found it to be robust for my neighborhood. Given that I live blocks away from NYP Hospital my choices of doctors near my zip code should not all be in the Bronx!!

  5. LOL! I am so glad I am not alone in this. It is so challenging to just let go and take the actions that will help me to feel better rather than stressing sometimes. If mayoclinic.com was a fee for use service, I would be in deep trouble! I am getting to bed early, and exercising daily. Thanks for this post!

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