Look at me! I’m a featured blogger.

Here’s a quick (and self-indulgent) post for you: Delight Gluten-Free Magazine chose me as their featured “gluten-free blogger of the week” this week!

In an interview on their blog, the Delight staff asked me some hard-hitting questions about mine, such as, “So, why don’t you post recipes?” You’ll have to read the interview to see my full response, but if you’ve read either of the two recipes I have posted (a classic easy weeknight meal, and an easy-meal-turned-way-overcomplicated), it’s probably obvious that I can’t take my recipe writing seriously enough to do it on the regular. Plus, um, food photography fail much?

Anyway, I’m . . . dare I say . . . delighted to have been featured, and I would be even more so if you checked out the interview. To show my gratitude, I’ll be sending the Delight team handwritten gluten-free Valentine’s Day notes (one for everyone, just like they taught me in preschool).* I know just the poems to include.

Check out the interview at Delight’s blog here, and please don’t be too annoyed with me for tooting my own horn.

tooting her own horn

Hey, it’s cute when she does it, right? Anyway, tooting someone else’s horn sounds unsanitary, and bound to lead to cross-contamination.
Photo © Dave Olsen | Flickr

*Just kidding; if I’m too lazy to write recipes, you can be darn sure I’m too lazy for valentines.

18 thoughts on “Look at me! I’m a featured blogger.

  1. Maria says:

    Wonderful Molly! Congratulations! I loved the interview–it truly was a delight–as was your photo–and I laughed out loud at “just kidding”!! NO kidding!! I see that I may have some back reading to do. .love Jane Austen so will have to look your Pride and Prejudice post up sometime. Bravo!

  2. Vicky says:

    Congratulations, great interview!

  3. Vik says:

    Yay Molly! Your humor is why I read your blog–I’m with you, I admire people who cook and photograph…but, it just isn’t in my realm of interest or expertise. For me, it’s like–cook it and get it over with! :-).

    • Molly says:

      Thanks, Vik! Yeah, cooking is great, and I like hosting people for dinner and everything. But with all the time I already spend thinking about food, the idea of writing down recipes just seems like a step too far! Then again, being a better food photographer would be pretty cool (if only gaining that skill could happen with a snap of the fingers and no time or effort…just as I’m hoping will happen with guitar playing and foreign language speaking).

  4. Congrats Molly!! That’s awesome!!

  5. jsherwin2013 says:

    Loved your interview answers and left a comment at Delight’s website. Jennie

  6. Molly says:

    Thanks, Jennie and Alisha! 🙂

  7. Laurie C says:

    Loved your interview! Congratulations!

  8. v8mile says:

    Great interview, and congrats on the exposure! (And I completely know what you mean about food photography…)

  9. I am very happy for you Molly. Congratulations! I left a comment on the other site as well.

  10. Mary Kate says:

    Congrats, Molly! And great interview.

    I kind of hate food photography, and partly that’s because I’m not great at it. The moon backdrop fabric Denise and I bought does make me ridiculously happy, though. I really enjoy the horoscopes.

    • Molly says:

      Oh, that sounds awesome! I haven’t noticed it in your photos (I must scroll too fast) but I’ll keep an eye out. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  11. jsherwin2013 says:

    Molly: I’ve commented about the exquisite quality of your writing. And the humor is wonderful! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award for blogging. Congratulations! To claim your award, go to http://jsherwinblog.wordpress.com. Best wishes, Jennie

  12. Candace @ Candida Free Candee says:

    Congrats! You are endlessly entertaining!

    • Molly says:

      Aw, thanks, Candace! That comment really cheered me up last night (getting yet another cold—seems I’ve been getting them every week this month!—so feeling a bit down in the dumps).

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