Gluten-free knockoffs, poetical and edible

I think that I shall never see
A food you can’t make gluten-free.

This is a happy post! The poem was going to end, “A [food name] that is gluten-free,” but I actually couldn’t come up with anything that some enterprising blogger hadn’t already managed to turn gluten-free.

Croissants, I thought? Gluten-free(Allergy-free, too!)
Pumpernickel, perhaps? Gluten-free.
Vital wheat gluten? Whaa?! Gluten-free.

It’s really encouraging! Apparently ingenuity knows no bounds. Now, if only laziness were so easily overcome…

What do you think—is the internet lying to me? Is there anything you’ve just never been able to replicate without the magic of gluten?

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2 thoughts on “Gluten-free knockoffs, poetical and edible

  1. I haven’t been able to replicate a delicious Cinnabon. I’ve tried quite a few times, and am getting closer, but just not perfect yet.
    Two other things I haven’t found that anyone has mastered yet: gluten-free baklava and gluten-free maple bars (doughnuts).

    • Molly says:

      Ah, baklava! That does seem like it’d be tough. The night before my endoscopy I went out for Middle Eastern food with my mom and, although the service was great overall, they sort of forgot about us at the end. We had to wait quite a while to get our waiter’s attention and order dessert. We were on the verge of blowing it off, but I’m glad we didn’t—sounds like that might be the last good baklava for a while. 🙂

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